uses a gentle hands-on approach to treat a wide range of health problems by helping the body to unwind and release blockages which are being held within its fluids, fascia and subtle rhythms.
Due to its subtle yet powerful nature, minor aches as well as more severe problems – both physical and psychological – can benefit from it. It is suitable for all ages, and is also a profoundly relaxing experience.
A few of the conditions it can treat are:
• Migraines, tension, insomnia, depression
• Asthma, sinusitis, dental problems, head injuries
• Back and neck pain, sciatica, RSI
• Baby care, including colic, feeding difficulties
• ME, fatigue, lack of energy, old or nagging injuries

facilitates normal mobility, tone and motion of the internal organs and their connective tissues. By applying specific gentle pressure, the functioning of the organ being treated is improved, as well as freeing up its related musculoskeletal connections, and enhancing general metabolism.

is a graduate of the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London, where she now works as a tutor. She has also trained with the Upledger Institute focusing on the body’s viscera (internal organs), as well as with French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral, and is a qualified massage therapist.
Tel: 07946 344672