• Beautiful daylight
• Bleached floor
• Open plan kitchen
• Shower room

• Easy loading
• Unrestricted parking
• Close to shops, restaurants etc
• Convenient for processors

HACKNEY FORGE is an unusual, small, self-contained building. It was built in 1926, originally as a cardboard box factory, and has recently been a working forge.

The ground floor is a semi-basement and the first-floor studio is reached by a teak staircase. It has a bleached pine floor, white tongue and groove ceiling and some wall panelling.

The window frames are cast iron and glazed in the main with opaque glass. There are two large oblique skylights and double French doors. Light enters the studio from four different angles, and is bright, soft and even.

There is a small bathroom and an open plan kitchen area. When not in use, the kitchen is concealed behind panelling.

Access through the French doors is easy. They open onto an alleyway where vehicles can park when unloading.


243a Victoria Park Rd, London E9 7HD
Tel/Fax: 020 8525 1571
Enquiries: 020 8533 0899 or 07976 803 463